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About Arizona Friends of Homeless

Arizona Friends of Homeless is a non-profit 501c3 Charitable Organization. AFOH serves the homeless community of Phoenix through daily outreach, projects, and resource sharing via connections to local services, shelters, and programs. Through projects like our Bikes Project, the Teddy Bears Project, or our partnership with Glendale Clothes Closet, we hope to find accessible, innovative, yet practical ways to improve the lives of those on who’ve found themselves on the streets of Arizona. Outreach programs serve essentials to the homeless, provide resources, and direct those in need to shelter or services they need.
AFOH strives to remind people that kindness is out there for everyone. We also provide information and connections for the homeless via social media, and connect volunteers to services, and organizations in their local community.
AFOH is non-discriminatory, and is not affiliated with any religious or political group. We welcome all walks of life to contribute and join the discussion.

Our outreach depends upon the donations from local organizations and individuals with giving hearts, and there are several ways to participate. From volunteering, donating goods / services, donating funds, there are many ways to contribute. Cooperation is key, as our outreach volunteers strive to cover many areas where need is growing by forming small teams. We provide food, seasonal clothing, blankets, towels, hygiene kits, ponchos, tarp, socks, back packs, bikes, shoes, bus passes, pet food and requested goods and services to aid the homeless in finding security and stability while facing Arizona’s harsh conditions.
We engage in outreach seven days a week with a total of over 100 volunteers of from all walks of life to help those in need find the right, long-term solutions to the problems they face while experiencing homelessness.

Our Team

Founder – Mike Atanasio



Board Member – Barbara Lewkowitz
Board Member – Mary Blecha
Board Member – Shanon Kopina